How to Find Instagram Influencers by Topic on Google

How to Find Instagram Influencers by Topic on Google

Instagram Influencer campaigns are a great tool to help you expand your audience. The biggest issue is finding them. Sure, there are sites that list influencers, but these usually incur a hefty fee. If you have time and want to find influencers all on your own, it’s easy.  Today, we’ll walk you through the process to show you how to find Instagram influencers by topic on Google. This works for anything as broad as travel to something as niche as special effects makeup.

How to Find Instagram Influencers by Topic on Google

Knowing how to search on Google is perhaps one of the strongest pieces of knowledge a marketer can have today. This nifty little trick for Google search will help you to find Instagram influencers in any industry or location.

“k followers” + subject

Let’s go through a few examples…

How to find influencers on Isntagram on Google.
A simple Google search can get you a great list of Instagram influencers by subject or industry

k followers” + industry

In this example, we chose “special effects makeup”. The results were great. Here are the top 3 people who came up:

David Marti: 83.4 K followers. SFX make-up artist, PAN’S LABYRINTH. From Barcelona. Co-owner of DDTSFX with Montse. [email protected]

Charlie Short: 67.3 K followers. YouTube special effects influencer.

Elie Khater: 65.3 K followers. Special effects makeup artist.

Find Instagram influencers by location with a Google search
How to find Instagram influencers in a particular city using Google search

k followers” + city

We used New York here because…why not! Here are the top 3 results:

Michael Rusakov: 84.9 K followers. Video Design | Animation 27 // NYC ?: [email protected] ?: ©️:

GiGi A: 62.9 K followers: Walking in #CentralPark and #NewYorkCity every weekend. ❤️ ? Nikon D7000 / D7200

Ceci Johnson: 76.1 K Followers. Beautifying your world through creative design for weddings, entertaining & living. Follow Founder @cecijohnson Tag #cecinewyork#beautifyyourworld

How to find Instagram influencers in a city who are influential in a particular field
You can even find Instagram influencers by an industry in a particular city

k followers” + industry/subject + location

Chillhouse: 39 K Followers: A destination for modern self-care |CAFE • NAIL • BODY| @thechilltimes#MYCHILLTIME

Fine Touch Nails: K Followers: By appointment only: 201-883-0623 : sorry no DM’s New clients accepted!

Ten Over Ten: K Followers: Creators of non-toxic, 8-free and vegan nail polish & nail care. Plus 6 safer formaldehyde free salons in NYC, Austin & LA. #inpursuitofnontoxicnails

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