Tennis Hashtags

Combine these tennis hashtags with others to get targeted views from people that convert

Tennis Hashtags

Tennis is quite a popular sport. This is even so on Instagram where as of today, there are over 7,074,749 posts tagged #tennis. If you’re in the Tennis industry (be you a coach, athlete, or sporting goods store), or if you are a business marketing itself around tennis events, you may be worried about how to compete on Instagram in order to reach a tennis-loving audience. We put together these Tennis Hashtags for you to use on Instagram (or Twitter if you so wish) to help you not only get more organic reach. These hashtags and the strategy outlined below will help you to reach eyes that convert. if you really want to see success, read on to learn a solid hashtag strategy for your Tennis Instagram posts.

Tennis Hashtags for Instagram

#Tennis #Tennisball #Tenniscourt #Tennisplayer #Fit #Healthy #Exercise #Training #Tennislife #Tennistime #Tennismatch #Tennisteam #Tennisclub #Tennislife #Instatennis #Babolat #Head #Wilson #Sports #Active #Niketennis #Tennislife #Frenchopen #Usopen #Wimbledon #Footwork

How to Use Tennis Hashtags on Instagram

Tennis Hashtags work well with brand hashtags.
Brand yourself on Instagram by using your brand’s hashtags alongside Tennis Hashtags.

Don’t Forget Your Brand Hashtags

Instagram is a fantastic network for building a brand. It’s centered around UGC – user-generated content. Imagine if you could convince your fans and audience to create post centered on your brand or business. This is definitely doable. Start by creating a custom brand hashtag to use on all your posts. It can be as simple as your brand name, or it can be a variation on it as in the example above from Prince Sports. Their account uses #teamprince. Wanna know how effective this marketing tactic is? While Prince has only created 684 posts, their hashtag has been used in over 18,364 posts. Pretty powerful stuff here. Just make sure to include your brand hashtag on your profile with a call-to-action prompting your audience to create content and share.

Combine industry and tennis hashtags to get both engagement and likes
Industry hashtags will zero in on a targeted audience more than general tennis hashtags will

Industry and Tennis Hashtags

A tennis instructor like Marisa Johnson definitely wants to use general tennis hashtags. These will help him or her to reach a general tennis audience. But, to reach people who are easier to convert to customers, it is important to include industry hashtags. Johnson understands this and uses hashtags such as #tennisinstructor and #tenniscoach to increase her chances of being discovered on Instagram by the right audience.

Tennis hashtags and location hashtags
Tennis hashtags are not enough for local businesses. They should include location hashtags to make it easier for potential customers to find them

Location and Tennis Hashtags

If you are a local brand (like a New York blog discussing the US open), or a local business (like a restaurant or the West Side Tennis Club), then it is important that you include local hashtags. Without them, you will have a difficult time being discovered by locals and tourists who may be interested in your business or services. The West Side Tennis club knows this and geo-tags their posts with #NYCtennis and #playforesthills. it’s a fantastic way to game search on Instagram.

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***These Tennis Hashtags also work on Twitter.