Surfing Hashtags

Using these surfing hashtags will help you get more likes on Instagram

Surfing Hashtags

Surfing is quite the industry. It encompasses travel, sports, and leisure. As such, there are tons of businesses that center around those who surf. The sport is HUGE on Instagram, as of June, there were over 11,133,972 posts tagged #surfing. If you’re starting to wonder how you can compete for the eyes of your customers, don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of the best surfing hashtags. These hashtags will help you get more organic reach…and when you combine them with other types of hashtags following the hashtag strategy outlined in this post, you will earn the eyes of people who convert.

Surfing Hashtags

Take a few seconds to copy and save these  hashtags so you can copy and paste them into your surfing Instagram posts.

#Wave #Surf #Surfing #Surfinglife #Surfer #Surfingiseverything #Surfingphotography #Surfingmagazine #Surfingday #Surfingusa #Surfingtime #Beach #Surfinsta #Surfingphotos #Surfingislife #Instasurf #Waves #Beautiful #Surf_shots
#Instabeach #Ocean #Summer #Watersports #Surfporn

How to Use Surfing Hashtags

Surfing Hashtags
Using your brand’s hashtags along with Surfing Hashtags will help you amplify your reach

Start with Your Brand’s Hashtags

Instagram is the perfect place to amplify your brand’s reach. After all, it is centered around user-generated content. But, in order to get your audience to use your brand’s hashtag you need to set an example and use it yourself. If you’re new at the branded hashtag game, keep things simple. Follow the example from Body Glove who uses #BodyGlove. It’s short, easy to remember, and directly on brand. Then, include a call-to-action prompting your audience to use it in their posts – this converts them into free marketers for your brand. How powerful is this? While Body Glove has only created  1,945 posts, their hashtag has been used in more than 67,586 posts. That’s marketing power. 

Surfing Hashtags
It takes more than Surfing Hashtags to market a local business on Instagram, Include location tags to reach a local audience that converts

Use Geo-Targeted Hashtags

If you are a local brand (like a location surfer), a local service (a surfing teacher), or a local business (like a bar), you need to include hashtags for your location. Why? Without them, your chances of being discovered by locals and tourists hitting up your surf location are close to zero. Surfer’s Beer Garden’s community manager is well aware of this…and…as such they include hashtags with variations on their location such as #goldcoast #goldcoastlife #visitgoldcoast (great for targeting tourists).

Surfing Hashtags and industry hashtags
Make sure to include industry hashtags with your Surfing Hashtags to draw views from people who convert

Industry Hashtags

Say you were marketing surf instruction services. Wouldn’t it make sense to include both surfing hashtags AND hashtags related to your industry and service? Of course, it would. Here, Tropic Drone is posting  for a surf instructor. The post includes both industry hashtags AND  call-to-action to book a lesson. This is one of those posts that are just divine!

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PS – these Surfing hashtags work great on Twitter too!