Canada Day Hashtags

Use these Canada Day Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to reach a targeted audience

Canada Day Hashtags

Canada Day (also known as the  Fête du Canada) celebrates the Constitution Act which made Canada one by joining Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. It is a day when Canadians throughout the world celebrate their homeland. If your target market is Canadian or interested in Canada, you can’t miss out on marketing your brand for this holiday. However, there are over 1,307,123 posts on Instagram tagged #CanadaDay. How are you to compete? Start with this list of optimized Canada Day Hashtags. Then read on to learn how to form a robust hashtag strategy that will get you targeted views with higher chances of conversion.

Canada Day Hashtags

#OhCanada #CanadaDay #MadeInCanada #HappyCanadaDay #Canada #Canadian #IGersCanada #DominionDay #FêteduCanada #NationalDayOfCanada #ConstitutionAct1867 #NovaScotia, #NewBrunswick #LeJourdelaConfédération #CanadaAct

How to Use Canada Day Hashtags on Instagram


Don’t Forget Your Brand Hashtags

Include hyper-local hashtags on your Canada Day Posts
Local brands, service providers, and businesses need to include location hashtags with their Canada Day hashtags

Use Geo-Targeted Hashtags

Yes, Canada is a location…but there are many locations within that location…so pretty much all Canada Day Instagram posts should include location hashtags. However, these are even more important if you are a local business (like a restaurant, doctor, or supermarket), a service (like a locksmith), or a location-based brand like Halifax’s tourism board. Why? Because you want to either reach locals (who are more likely to engage your post) and tourists (who may be new to the area and need your services). With location hashtags, it is simply a matter of increasing the chances of discovery.

Canada Day Hashtags and branded hashtags pack a marketing punch
Use your brand’s hashtags to amplify your reach on Canada Day

Branded Hashtags

Instagram is all about UCG (user-generated content). This makes it ever so important to use your branded hashtag. Why? If you can train your audience and customers to use your brand’s hashtag, their value increases since they become free marketers for you. How can you begin to execute this? First, choose your brand’s hashtag. Keep it short, sweet, and as close to your brand or business name as possible. Roots Canada uses two hashtags: #BeNice and #RootsIsCanada. Wanna know how successful they are? As of today, they have only created 1,775 posts, but their hashtag #rootsiscanada has been used in 11,013 posts. How’s that for a powerful marketing technique?

Use both Canada Day hashtags and product or service hashtags
Add product or service hashtags to attract views that convert

Product Hashtags

Imagine I am a tourist in Canada. I’m curious about beaver tails (ICYMI – it’s a Canadian pastry). I decide to peruse Instagram for the hashtag #beavertail. If you are a pastry shop like Beaver Tails and you don’t use that hashtag, you’re reducing your chances of being discovered by me. So go ahead, add your product and service hashtags to your Canada Day Instagram posts.

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***These Canada Day Hashtags also work well on Twitter