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New Years Eve Hashtags

The biggest celebration in the world is New Year’s Eve. It’s the culmination of the holiday season and probably the last chance for most industries to cash in before New Year’s resolutions to save money kick in. That being said, you’ve got your work cut out for you. There are over 5,894,776 posts tagged #newyearseve alone. How […]

Get more targeted views on Women's Day with these Instagram hashtags

Women’s Day Hashtags

Almost half of the world’s population consists of women and if your brand or business has anything to do with International Women’s Day which is celebrated on March 8th, then this is a huge opportunity to connect with them. How do you actually do that? For starters, start with posts that are connected for the […]

Get more reach from targeted eyes on Instagram with Martin Luther King day Hashtags

Martin Luther King Day Hashtags

The third Monday of January should be treated with respect. It is the day we remember all the good works that were done by King to advocate for Civil Rights and to remember his assassination in 1968. If you are planning to promote your brand or business on this day, you need to tread with […]

Use these Valentines Day hashtags to get more conversions

Valentine’s Day Instagram Hashtags

If there was ever a holiday where marketing on Instagram is a competitive sport, it’s Valentine’s Day.  As of June 2018, there were 14 million posts tagged #valentinesday, and almost 9 million tagged #valentines. If you’re getting ready to market your business on this romantic of days, you need the right weapons. Start off with a great […]

A list of pride day hashtags you can copy paste

Pride Day Hashtags

Pride Day is one of the most important days within the LGBT community. The day celebrates those who stood against the bigotry, discrimination, and violence that affected lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT). It also stands as a celebration of the LGBT community’s pride and visibility. Pride Day celebrations, just like the many people […]

Mardi Gras Hashtags

Mardi Gras is probably the biggest party in the USA after New Year’s Eve. As such, it’s an incredible marketing opportunity for brands and businesses. However, there is a heck of a ton of competition for Mardi Gras on Instagram. As of June 2018, there were over 1,949,380 posts tagged #mardigras. If you want to compete, you […]

Use these Canada Day Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to reach a targeted audience

Canada Day Hashtags

Canada Day (also known as the  Fête du Canada) celebrates the Constitution Act which made Canada one by joining Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. It is a day when Canadians throughout the world celebrate their homeland. If your target market is Canadian or interested in Canada, you can’t miss out on marketing your brand for […]

Get more reach on Independence day with these 4th of July Hashtags

4th of July Hashtags

Independence Day is one of the most important holidays to us Americans. The 4th of July is a day of pride, celebration, and joy. If you have a business in the US, then chances are that marketing it during the holiday is a smart idea. However, there are over 4 million posts tagged #4thofjuly. How […]