What is Ohsnp?

Ohsnp is the easiest way to plan and grow your Instagram account overnight. Schedule, Comment and Grow your following.

How do I sign up?

Just go to https://ohsnp.com, click on ‘Pricing’, select a plan, and then fill up the sign-up form.

How do I cancel?

Use the link to your unique billing portal.

Is your service for free?

No, but we have a free 7-day trial for you to test us out.

What are the different packages available?

We have three plans to choose from. You can check it out here: https://ohsnp.com/pricing

Can I link multiple Instagram accounts on my Ohsnp?


How can I have my Ohsnp account verified?

Just link your Instagram account by logging in. You will encounter a “challenge” requiring you to enter a verification code that is going to be sent on your email.

Why am I being asked for my credit card info for the free trial?

This is a standard operating procedure. You will also notice that $1 will be charged on your credit card but it will be returned immediately once your credit card has been verified.

How do I change/update my credit card information?

You will be sent a unique billing portal link where you can change your billing information

Can I get a receipt or documentation on the charges made?


I was overcharged. How can I request for a refund?

Send us a message requesting for a refund and we will review your account.

If I’m on an annual plan and I wanted to cancel, can I get a refund of the months I wasn’t able to use?


How can I upload the image I want to post through Ohsnp?

You can upload the image from your computer, links, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Simply click on the icons respectively.

How do I start posting?

Upload your image from either your computer, a URL link, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Write your caption and first comment then schedule or post now.

What is ‘caption’?

The caption is the description of the image to explain and contextualize the subject of the photo. It may include hashtags or tags.

What is ‘first comment’?

The first comment may include a list of hashtags related to the image to make your content easier to find.

Can I add multiple photos at once?


Do you support ‘My Story’?


Do you support videos?

Coming soon.

How can I delete a post from the calendar?

Just click on the post on the calendar, click on the three dots on the upper right corner of the post and select ‘Delete’.

What are caption templates?

Caption Templates are captions that you can save and use in different posts.

Can I tag or use @mention using Ohsnp?


Can I post a comment using Ohsnp?

Nope. But you can add the first comment on your posts while you’re creating the post.

Can I check my who follows me using Ohsnp?


Can I preview my post before it is published?


What types of images are allowed on Ohsnp?

image, png, gif, jpeg, jpg

Is there a size limit for the images?

Yes (add sizing)

How can I reschedule my posts?

Click on the post and you’ll be able to select a new date and time

How can I delete my posts?

Just click on the post on the calendar, click on the three dots on the upper right corner of the post and select ‘Delete’.

Can I schedule a recurring post?

Nope but you can schedule a post by picking the date and time

Can I manually send a direct message through Ohsnp?


Can I re-post using Ohsnp?


Can I manually unfollow a user using Ohsnp?


Can I manually follow a user using Ohsnp?


How does Auto-Follow work?

Smarter and faster way to increase page followers

What is Auto-Unfollow?

Saves time and let the system unfollow your followers regularly just one click

What is Auto-comment?

Automated comment/message to interact with new users. This is not available on Ohsnp.

What is Auto-DM?

Sends an automated direct message to your new followers

Do you support emojis?

Yes, emojis are compatible with our platform.

Can I get a report about my Instagram account?


Can I download the report to pdf?


My password isn’t working. Help!

Just click on ‘Forgot Your Password’ and a link will be sent on your email to reset your password.

Can I link my Facebook account on the Instagram account that’s on Ohsnp?


Does Ohsnp follow the Limit:60 of Instagram?


How many people can log in to my account?

Does Ohsnp have collaboration/team feature?

Can I upgrade my account?

I’ve been blocked. What should I do?