Creating an Effective Instagram Strategy

Creating an Effective Instagram Strategy

“Strategy” is the name of the game. Without a good strategy, the best idea is worthless. Regardless of whether you are looking for clicks to your website, purchases from your shop, or just earning more targeted followers, you won’t be able to achieve your goal without a solid strategy.

Creating an Effective Instagram Strategy

When & How Often to Post

Some brands can get away with posting multiple times per day. However, unless you’re using an Instagram scheduling tool that publishes directly to your account or accounts, this is incredibly time-consuming. Posting once a day is a good rule of thumb for most brands and businesses.

When you are comfortable posting once per day to your accounts, you can begin to test scheduling multiple times per day…don’t post too much though. You may annoy your audience and end up losing followers.

Use Hashtags Properly

Hashtags are to Instagram what keywords are to Google. Hashtags are how your images get discovered on the feed. As such it is incredibly important that you use the right hashtags.

Before we go any further, please note that using those crappy #lfl and f4f hashtags will get you nothing. Follows generated from these tags are just fluff. The name of the game is conversions and these people simply will not convert.

Also, make sure that your hashtags are relevant to your content. Nothing pisses people off more than seeing a picture tagged #wine but the image there is of a car.

Let’s dive into the different types of hashtags you should include in your posts.

  • General Hashtags: Don’t use too many of these. Just include a sprinkling. What’s an example of a general hashtag? #wine. This hashtag has been used in over 38,902,502 posts as of June 2018. That means that there is way too much content centered around it. You want to give yourself a chance to come up for it, but you will get buried and fewer people will discover you.
  • Targeted Industry Hashtags: Use these to complement your general hashtags. An example of this would be #riesling. This tag has been used in 455,266 posts (you should try to use hashtags that have not been used more than 500,000 times (this number will increase as time passes) so that you have a better chance to be discovered in the field. Also, People who are passionate about riesling are more likely to engage a riesling image than those who are merely interested in wine.
  • Location Hashtags: If you are a local business (like a wine bar) or brand (like a blogger that writes about a particular location or a winery in particular location) you need to use location tags. These will put you in front of locals, tourists, and people who are interested in the location you are posting about. They are more likely to convert.
  • Hashtag Hijack: This is when you use another brand’s hashtag to reach their audience. You don’t necessarily want to do this with your competitors, but with verticals with which you can build symbiotic relationships. For example, a winery may post a picture of a wine in a Riedel glass and tag it #riedel. It’s a fantastic way to grow your audience.
  • Branded Hashtags: This is your brand’s hashtag. It should be simple, short and as close to your brand’s name as possible. The idea here is to prompt your followers and customers to also post about your brand while using your tag…and, therefore, converting them into a marketing army.

Give Back

You need to give value to your followers. This will keep them coming back. How do you do this? Simple.

  • Be entertaining. Make them laugh. Excite them.
  • Be informative. Teach them something in your posts.
  • Be scentsy. Make them feel. Be emotional and connect

Engage Through Hashtags

This is the most effective and organic way to grow your account. Right after posting, click thru to each of your hashtags. Then click on the top image. Click through to the first person who liked that post. Like and comment on one of their posts. Repeat this until you have engaged 5 people. Then repeat this for each of your hashtags. You will immediately see an increase in engagement and follows. It’s time consuming, but it works.

Use the Right Tool

Ohsnp is not just an Instagram publishing tool. On Ohsnp you can save sets of hashtags and it will post them as first comment when they post. It’s a huge time saver. Wanna know what else Ohsnp can do…

Ohsnp is the ultimate Instagram Auto Post & Scheduling Tool

With Ohsnp you and your team can create content to Instagram that will publish directly. There are no push notifications on your phone, just simple and automatic posting to your account.

Ohsnp is an online Instagram tool that allows you to auto post to Instagram, schedule and manage your Instagram accounts at the same time. With Ohsnp, you can publish and save time managing all your Instagram accounts.

With Ohsnp you can:

  • Schedule photos
  • Schedule stories
  • Schedule albums
  • Add locations
  • Include emojis
  • Save hashtag sets
  • And even populate hashtags

Your Ohsnp content will be neatly organized on a calendar so you can easily see what is coming out in the future.

You can even store your content in a library or pull in images from Cloud Drives like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.

It’s seriously easy to use, so sign up today and stop wasting time.